Riche-Terre, Mauritius
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Our Company


Our passion is not limited to distribution. Our dedicated team also looks after the brand activation – we just don’t sell, but we bring the brand to life.
We create awareness with our target audience to build customer loyalty.

Our Channels

HAR’s distribution centres are strategically located in Mauritius, with routes throughout the Indian ocean to ensure quick and efficient delivery straight to your store or warehouse.

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Modern Trade

We do not only provide goods to super & hyper markets, but we also come up with a fine merchandising to enhance our brands.

Traditional Trade

It’s in the Mauritian culture to have micro-retailers throughout the island. Despite being a complex distribution network, we have built an inter-personal relation with those customers.


A focused channel through which we distribute our specialized products such as baby food and super premium infant formula.


Mauritius is well known for its hospitality aspect and our objective here is to supply a highly progressive and growing food-service sector.


Also present in companies, either publicly traded or privately owned, they also command an important share of our consumer market.


These small and convenient stores are fastly developing nowadays. In our business, they are mainly on petroleum stations, either in their food mart or in their superette and in both where possible.

Our Company

We commit to full integrity and the strictest ethical standards in all business dealings, and extend that commitment to all of our stakeholders, including employees, customers, communities, suppliers and investors.