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A full range of warehouse services is one of the most important areas of the HAR's development. We've been developing, creating new assets in the logistics industry, making our global footprint grow, and improving our management structure.


Move in, move forward, and grow your business with H.A Ramtoola's Warehouse Solutions. Our warehouse-as-a-solution offering combines warehouse solutions and services with dedicated support and deep expertise whether you need to get your operation up and running or you are looking to optimize your existing process.


We’ve brought the best of our international and local expertise together to create an integrated solution like no other. With access to cutting edge technologies and partnerships with world-class vendors, H.A Ramtoola & Sons Ltd is uniquely designed to help small and medium businesses innovate, grow, and thrive. Whether it’s helping you move in, set up or solve a problem in your warehouse, our team is here to help from day one. From operations and transport to technology, energy, and labor demands, our innovative solutions make your decision process easier and your enterprise more efficient. It all adds up to a re-imagined warehouse experience that lets you focus on what matters most—your business.

Here for the long term.

HAR  is the only integrated solutions provider with the expertise to optimize your warehouse today and the vision to future proof it for tomorrow. Our innovation gives you a unique competitive advantage at scale that drives growth and enables value creation for small and medium businesses.

With due regard to characteristics, purpose, and storage requirements, we place the goods in the according warehouse (outdoor, indoor, or sheltered). Industry-specific warehouse solutions involve matching product categories to the warehouse grade (high or low). We use innovative systems that integrate data regarding storage and transshipment periods, batch recording, and inventory balance, to find an optimal storage tariff for the client. We maintain competitive storage rates both at our own Mauritian warehouses and at most international terminals.

HAR's offer cargo handling as it may be required by the customer and/or final user. This refers to cargo loading and reloading, packaging and repackaging, labeling and sorting, palleting, order picking, and cross-docking. We have developed industry-specific algorithms for commercial cargo handling which involve special types of services including repackaging, labeling, defect handling, distribution and delivery of commodities to chain stores.

We leverage our facilities and operational synergies to provide speed and accuracy to your supply chain. Working closely with top retailers, our team distributes inventory to save time and money. Our cross-dock solutions help retailers remain competitive and quickly reach their customers.

Our state-of-the-art facilities are highly customised with various levels of technology and automation uniquely tailored to your business. As a fully tailored solution, we’re able to handle multiple levels of need to safely move a high volume of product. Whether your operation is direct-to-consumer or wholesale, our team recognizes opportunities to enhance inventory management and quickly move your goods.

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We commit to full integrity and the strictest ethical standards in all business dealings, and extend that commitment to all of our stakeholders, including employees, customers, communities, suppliers and investors.